DU validation service verification report vendors and other approved vendor tools

The Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) validation service uses third-party data vendors to independently validate borrower income, employment, and asset data, providing our lenders Day 1 Certainty® on validated loan components. In addition, other approved vendor tools may provide representation and warranty enforcement relief when certain requirement are met.

Fannie Mae has an open platform for data vendor participation to provide choices to our customers. Lenders may participate in the DU validation service through relationships with vendors of their choice that can provide Day 1 Certainty validation reports accepted by Fannie Mae. See below for a list of vendor options and eligible reports.

To mitigate the risk that Fannie Mae assumes by offering representation and warranty relief on validated loan components, we have a structured process and guidelines for determining eligible verification reports. However, vendors and other approved vendor tools are subject to lenders’ requirements and approval processes. As additional eligible reports become available, Fannie Mae will add them below. See Prospective Report Suppliers for a list of those that have entered Fannie Mae's report supplier assessment process. Suppliers that want to participate should click here.

Vendors for Lender Use (as of Dec. 11, 2019)

This vendor information is provided for informational purposes only. CoreLogic, DataVerify, Equifax, Finicity, FormFree, MeridianLink, Inc., NCS (National Credit-reporting System, Inc.), and SharperLending also post lists of vendors with which they have relationships who are distributors of the eligible verification reports*. Lenders with questions should contact the vendor or their Fannie Mae customer account team. Lenders should also ensure that they order the appropriate verification reports from these participating vendors.

*Eligible Verification Reports

Currently the DU validation service accepts the following eligible reports:

Verification Reports Available from Vendor

Click here to view an easily sortable list of vendors who provide Fannie Mae approved verification reports.

(Click below to expand)

ACRAnet, Inc. CoreLogic*
Advanced Data* Credit Information Systems
Advantage Credit Bureau Credit Plus
Advantage Credit, Inc. Credit Technologies, Inc.
Advantage Plus Credit Reporting, Inc. Credit Technology, Inc. (CTI)
Alliance 2020 DataVerify*
American Reporting Company Equifax*
Avantus Corp. Factual Data
Birchwood Credit Services First American Mortgage Solutions
CBCInnovis Informative Research
Certified Credit Reporting, Inc. Partners Credit & Verification Solutions*
CIC Mortgage Credit, Inc. SettlementOne
CISCO Credit Strategic Information Resources
Clear Choice Credit Corp. Universal Credit Services
Consolidated Information Services, Inc. Veri-Tax*

*Report Supplier

Accudata Credit Systems FinLocker*
Accurate Financial First American Mortgage Solutions
ACRAnet, Inc. FormFree*
Advanced Data
Advantage Credit, Inc. Gooi Mortgage, Inc.
Advantage Plus Credit Reporting, Inc. Merchants Credit Bureau, Inc.
Alliance 2020 MeridianLink, Inc.
American Reporting Company MFI Credit Solutions
Avantus Corp. Midwest Mortgage Credit Services
BankVOD Mortgage Document Solutions
Birchwood Credit Services Mortgage Service Providers
Blend* Network Credit
Certified Credit Reporting, Inc. New Vista Solutions
CIC Mortgage Credit, Inc. Online Information Services
CIS Partners Credit & Verification Solutions
CISCO Credit Plaid*
CoreLogic PointServ*
Credit Information Systems Precision Data Research
Credit Plus Sarma
Credit Technologies, Inc. SettlementOne
Covius SharperLending LLC
Data Facts, Inc. Strategic Information Resources
DataVerify Sunrise Credit Services
Equifax UnitedOne
Experian Universal Credit Services
Expert Global Solutions, Inc. Veri-Tax
Finicity* Wolters Kluwer

*Report Supplier

Accudata Credit Systems Factual Data
ACRAnet, Inc. First American Mortgage Solutions*
Advanced Data**
Advantage Credit Bureau Fraud Technology
Advantage Credit, Inc. Funding Suite
Advantage Plus Credit Reporting, Inc. Information Searching Company
American Reporting Company Informative Research*
Avantus Corp.* Lenders One
Birchwood Credit Services MeridianLink, Inc.*
CBCInnovis MFI Credit Solutions
Certified Credit Reporting, Inc. Microbilt
CIC Mortgage Credit, Inc. Mortgage Service Providers
CIS NCO Credit Services
Clear Choice Credit Corp. NCS (National Credit-reporting System, Inc.)*
CoreLogic* One Source
Covius* Partners Credit & Verification Solutions*
Credit Data Solutions DBA Service 1st Information Services PointServ*
Credit Data Systems, Inc. Precision Data Research
Credit Information Systems Pro Com Services
Credit Plus QuestSoft Corporation*
Credit Technologies, Inc. Sarma
Data Facts, Inc. SettlementOne
DataVerify* SharperLending LLC*
Ellie Mae Total Quality Loan Strategic Information Resources
EMSI Trans Union
Equifax* Universal Credit Services*
Experian UnitedOne

*Report Supplier

Other Approved Vendor Tool

LoanBeam FNMA SEI 1084 Workbook – performs automated calculations of self-employment income; the calculations, not the underlying data, may be eligible for representation and warranties enforcement relief. Phone 855-544-2326. Learn more.

Integration Technology Providers for Report Suppliers (as of Dec. 11, 2019)

The report suppliers work with various integration technology providers to support the automated ordering and delivery of the Verification Reports. Avantus, CoreLogic, Equifax, First American Mortgage Solutions, FormFree, NCS (National Credit-reporting System, Inc.), SharperLending, and Veri-Tax post lists of integration technology providers with which they have relationships. Please contact the technology provider directly for more information on the specific integrations and services they provide.

  • ASC
  • Avista Solutions
  • BeSmartee
  • Black Knight
  • Blend
  • Byte Software
  • Calyx Software
  • CBC Companies
  • CloudVirga
  • CoreLogic Loan Center
  • Creative Thinking
  • Data-Vision
  • Easy Mortgage Apps
  • eHereNow
  • Ellie Mae
  • FICS
  • FinLocker
  • First American Mortgage Solutions
  • Fiserv
  • FIS Global
  • Floify
  • Harland Financial Solutions
  • Industry Access
  • Insight Lending Solutions
  • Integra Software Services
  • iReverse
  • ISGN
  • Lender Price Digital Lending
  • Lender Processing Services
  • Lending Manager
  • LendingQB
  • MC Software
  • MeridianLink, Inc.
  • Mortgage Builder
  • Mortgage Cadence
  • MortgageHippo
  • Mortgagebot
  • MortgageCare
  • MortgageClick
  • MortgageFlex
  • Mortgage-Track
  • Open Close
  • Open Solutions
  • PC Lender
  • PreApp 1003
  • ProLender
  • ReverseVision
  • Roostify
  • Savana Studio
  • SharperLending LLC
  • Simple Nexus
  • Tavant Technologies
  • Teravendo
  • TRK Connection, LLC
  • Vanguard Group
  • VueCentric
  • WIPRO – NetOxygen
  • Xetus
  • XL Dynamics

Prospective Report Suppliers (as of Dec. 11, 2019)

Fannie Mae is working to expand the pool of eligible verification reports. Prospective report suppliers for the Fannie Mae DU validation service are listed in the table below. "Coming Soon" indicates that a prospective report supplier is participating in the report supplier assessment process. These entities may or may not meet the requirements of Fannie Mae's vendor assessment framework, and may or may not ultimately participate in the DU validation service. "In Pilot" indicates that a prospective report supplier completed the assessment process and necessary technology integration, and is set up in DU for lender testing on a limited basis as determined by Fannie Mae and may or may not be rolled out more broadly.

The table is updated as status changes occur, and we will notify lenders when additional report suppliers complete the pilot phase and become available in DU for all users.

Report suppliers may sell their reports directly to lenders, have authorized distributors, or both. Vendors that would like to become report distributors should contact report suppliers directly. Check with the report supplier if you have questions about their participation in the DU validation service.

NOTE: Fannie Mae does not endorse any particular vendor, and does not represent or warrant that any report supplier will meet a lender's requirements. Lenders must establish controls to manage and monitor the vendors in accordance with their own regulatory requirements.


Verification Report Type

Prospective Report Supplier Verification of Income / Verification of Employment IRS Tax Transcript Service for Verification of Income Verification of Assets
Avantus Corp. In Pilot
Credit Plus In Pilot

More Information

  • View Vendor Data Process for more information about the process of becoming a DU validation service report supplier. Note: vendors and Fannie Mae-approved tools are subject to lenders’ requirements and approval processes.
  • View additional information about the DU validation service.
  • Fannie Mae is committed to ensuring that vendors on our platform are providing high-quality data. As part of our ongoing vendor monitoring, we encourage lenders to report any data discrepancies they see in any third-party verification reports to the Day 1 Certainty Data Discrepancy Mailbox.

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