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DU Validation Service

Impact of COVID-19 on the DU validation service:

To align with policy outlined in Lender Letter LL-2020-03, Impact of COVID-19 on Originations, there are temporary changes to the DU validation service in effect until further notice including age of documentation requirements, use of market-based assets, and suspension of employment validation.

Review the April 18 release notes for more information on age of documentation requirements and use of market-based assets.

Review the May 1 release notes for more information on the suspension of employment validation.

How loan officers are explaining the DU validation service to customers

Most borrowers won’t know what Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) validation service is, or why they would even want it. Get advice from successful loan officers who are using the DU validation service.

A few mortgage lender tips:

  • Highlight the benefits of the DU validation service – faster close, more efficient, and gives them a competitive edge.
  • Walk the borrower through the DU validation service process so they are familiar with how it works.
  • Alleviate concerns regarding sharing their personal information – it’s a similar process to online banking!
  • Emphasize the streamlined and simple process that reduces the need for documentation and paperwork.

One of the most important things you can do is set expectations with your borrower.

Sample Workflow Process

Interactive Loan Officer Workflow

Explore this interactive workflow sample to see how the DU validation service can fit into your existing process.

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Why change your current process?

DU Validation Service Sample Checklist

Download this printable resource and keep it on your desk, phone, or tablet, for reference when using the Fannie Mae DU validation service. Includes overview, best practices, and tips.

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“For our mortgage bankers to change their processes, they’ve got to see the benefit, both for them and their customers. One of our associates shaved 16 days off his cycle time* – that’s a big deal.”

— Melanie Jackson, Operations Manager First Citizens Bank

*Customer comments are based on their own experiences with Day 1 Certainty. Reductions in cycle times may not be typical.