Best Practices

Tips and tricks for getting started with
the DU validation service

To help you get up and running as fast as you can, we’ve highlighted best practices from real mortgage loan officers that will give you tips on how to get the most out of the Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) validation service.

Click on the links below to review these resources, and be sure to provide us with feedback at the bottom of this page to let us know if this material was helpful.

DU Validation Service Desk Resource

Download this printable resource and keep it on your desk, phone, or tablet, for reference when using the Fannie Mae DU validation service. Includes overview, best practices, and tips.

Desk Resource ›

Sample DU Validation Service Checklist

Step-by-step checklist to help you through the process and space to make notes for future loans.

Checklist ›

Sample Workflow Process

Review a sample DU validation service workflow, to help you to weave it into your existing process.

Workflow Process ›

DU Validation Service Jump Start Series

Getting Started with the DU Validation Service

Find out where to start and how to prepare to use the DU validation service!

Why change your current process?

Faster and more efficient

By changing the way you process loans with the DU validation service, you introduce a faster, more efficient way to secure a verified loan for your borrower.

Sample Workflow Process ›

“We made training our core team a priority. Once we had key folks on board and educated, implementation challenges were eliminated. Now, as we hire new people, Day 1 Certainty is just part of how we do what we do.”

—Tawn Kelley, President and CEO of Taylor Morrison Home Funding