Activating the DU Validation Service

Positive rent payment history is live in Desktop Underwriter

DU now uses asset report data to consider a borrower’s 12-month positive rent payment history, which can help more first-time homebuyers qualify for a mortgage. Learn more about how utilizing asset validation through the DU validation service can help your borrowers benefit.

Start using the DU validation service in a few steps.

To activate the Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) validation service:

  1. Select your vendor(s) from the data vendor list. Need help choosing? Check out our Checklist for Vendor Selection & Set Up.
  2. Complete the contract and activation process with your vendor choice(s).
    • If you choose Equifax (including the Work Number), submit the Fannie Mae DU/DO setup form and allow up to 72 hours for activation. DU validation service messages can be issued within the DU Findings report as soon as this step is complete.
    • Once contracts are completed, you can start using the DU validation service within DU.
  3. Start ordering verfication reports and tax transcripts from your vendor. Then, to enter the information in DU:
    • Find the drop-down field to select your vendor and the corresponding field to enter your vendor reference/ID number found on the verification report provided by your vendor. The reference/ID number is a unique identifier that DU uses to read the report you ordered. You will enter this information for every unique casefile within DU.
    • Once this information is entered into DU and the casefile has been submitted, the DU validation service will start to run and issue messages within the DU Findings report.

How do I make sure my organization gets the most out of the DU validation service?

Contact your Fannie Mae account team to discuss implementation practices — we’re here to help! In the mean time, this site provides helpful information and resources for you to work through at your own pace.

Best Practices

Check out our Best Practices page.

Our Best Practices page provides resources to prepare your team to use the DU validation service.

Some materials, including our Desk Resource, include downloadable, customizable versions that you can brand and use as training resources in your organization.

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Questions? Check out our DU validation service FAQs or visit our Technology Support Center.

Transform your business with Day 1 Certainty.

The DU validation service is only one part of Day 1 Certainty®, which helps you simplify lending and put people in homes faster.

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DU Validation Service

DU Validation Service

Validation of income, assets, and employment through third-party data validation.

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Appraisal Waiver

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Certainty on Appraised Value

Certainty on Appraised Value

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